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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Five Fighters (in the past 20 years)

While I'm on topic here is a list of my top 5 fighters:

1-Mike Tyson. Professional Boxer. In his hay-day would knock ANYBODY out. Period. The Best Ever.

2-Fedor Emelianenko. MMA. Current Pride Fighting Heavy Weight Champion. Russian Samba Specialist. #1 in the world right now.

3-Urijah Faber. MMA. Current WEC Featherweight Champion. 20-1.

4-BJ Penn. MMA. Current UFC Lightweight Champion. Black Belt Brazilian Jits. #1 in the world.

5-Evan Tanner. MMA. Self taught. Ruthless knees and elbows. Warrior spirit.

Honorable mentions to:
Nick Diaz. MMA. Gracie Brazilian Jits Black belt.
Takanori Gomi. MMA. Current Lightweight Champion Pride Fighting. #2 in the world.