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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Manual Brakes- Balance Bar Restrictor

After I tested out the brakes I noticed upon braking the balance bar was not remaining horizontal, thus deflecting energy. In real terms it means the brakes weren't as good as they should have been because the master cylinders were not compressing straight in. One was going up and one down. Yes I was stopping but I knew they could be better. So I headed up to ORC to discuss this with Keith. I drew him a diagram and left my Jeep for a couple hrs.

This is what he came up with. The red arrow shows the fork in the rear of the design. This allows the balance bar to move forward and backward (to allow for individual compression of the MC's), but does not allow the balance bar to move up and down (which is how it was deflecting the energy.

The blue arrow is the thumb screw Trey installed. It prevents the spherical bearing from over-rotating. Obviously the thumb screw decided not to do it job and the bearing/balance bar needed a restrictor.