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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rear Tire Insert- Logo Design

This is the spare tire insert/cutting board. It is a 3 piece project. The top layer (1/8" steel) will have a logo waterjetted into it. There are 4 pieces of threaded tubing (3/8") welded to the back of it. Then there is a piece of 16ga. sheet metal, sandwhich in the middle, and finally a piece of 1/2" polycarbonate cutting board on the bottom.

The whole idea here is to sport a logo on the 1/8" plate, as previously mentioned, but when I pull the grill out,I will have a cutting/serving board for the food.

This shows the distance between the piece. The treads will not be exposed, nor will there be standard nuts there. The treaded tubing will conceal the bolts and keep a clean look. (Not pictured)

This is backside of the piece. The polycarbonate cutting board with countersunk 3/8" tapered bolts. The hoop in the middle is to tie this back to the cage so it doesn't rattle of fall out.

Better picture of it here.

I've decided on a logo. It's the Gears of War logo. I will make it about 120* larger than pictured. Waterjetted out and I'll paint it red behind it to give it some depth. There are two mood lights that shine directly on this. It will look very good when following behind.

The top two mood lights are what shines on the tire insert.