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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roll Cage- Seat bars- Fab and Install

Today Wayne finished putting the seats down. It was a little more than what he asked for. What I mean by that is after removing the stock mounts and sliders we were left with the Corbeau seat frames. The drivers' side seat fit better on the passenger side and vice versa. It took a while to figure that out ans set them. It's getting tight under there. So after the switch the rest went smoothly.

This is a front view under the driver's seat.

Putting the passenger seat down.

There's not a ton left to finish:
-Finish the B pillar
-Door spreaders (front and rear)
-Finish welding
-Burn some tabs on for the seat belts
-Couple of handles to get in and out
-Bring everything down to the frame.

Then I get to bring it home take out the seats and paint it. That will be a huge pain in the a**.