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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sandwich Oil Adapter and Cooler- Install

The final install for the oil cooler has begun. I recently purchased a 6"x11" deck mount cooler. I had to adapt the female #8an fittings on the SS hoses to the pipe thread on the cooler. No problem. In addition, I had to fab up some mounts for the cooler which will sit in front of the radiator. So off to the ORC for a couple hours to make something custom.

I started with 1" stock cut down to the length I needed and drilled some holes for mounting.

Rounded off the corners and milled out the middle with an 11/16" bit. Slapped a coat of semi-flat black and there you have it.

It will allow for that much more air to pass through the cooler.

It looks good mounted and it's strong, it's not going anywhere.

The sandwich adapter is installed where your filter used to be. The one side of the adapter that has an O ring will face inward, to meet up with the factory filter mount. The entire sandwich piece is held down by a threaded bung. It holds the new adapter down snugly and provides the same 3/4" x 16 thread pitch that the factory did.

I sill have plenty of room to run the Wix 1515 filter. Originally the factory called for 6 quarts of oil, but considering the lines to and from the cooler I think it's going to add another 2 quarts.

-Cooler oil
-More oil
-Looks Good

-Slightly pricey at approx. $300 for these fittings and setup. It could be done for less with rubber hoses and pipe fittings, but you would run the risk of looking like a plumber did the install.