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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Roll Cage- More Tie-ins

Recently we've been doing a lot of work to the Cherokee. One of the things is adding more cage tie-ins to the body. I already had 10 tie-ins and with the new additions, it makes 15.

These are on the roof. Welded on the tubing and the "ribs" on the sheet metal roof. It was done here because it's the furthest point north of the base plates and the most flex between the cage and body happens here. The tie-ins were welded to the "ribs" because the were the strongest point of the roof.

Cardboard templates

22ga. dimple dyed sheet metal

These were done in three separate pieces to follow the bends of the "C" pillar tubing.

These are between the wheel arches and the horizontal tubing abover them. 22 ga. sheet metal with dimple dyes.

Everything is being done to allow the cage and body to move as one. If this were not done and you just installed a cage, there would be so much movement between the two it would eventually tear itself apart.