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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too much fun!

Josh and I had free roam of Gray Rock this week. I had taken my Cherokee up there to mount the new 1/2 ton Chevy rear disc brakes. So of course we had to test it out afterwards. We were tearing up the top roads and I tapped the brakes and the rear end slid sideways. So back to Gardendale Performance to buy an adjustable portioning valve to turn the back brakes down. More high speed testing then proceeded. I finally tuned it in and the rear brakes are at 35%. To all that think 8" of lift on a XJ is too much I welcome you to follow us around.

We pretty much covered the whole place, all 2000 acres. Josh did Cable Hill. I did Bump and Grind. I tried Big Rock and backed down. I need to try it again. I did the canyon backwards and forwards, drove down Brown Hole. We took the long way down Snake Creek. Josh did Bunny Slope 1. Josh rode a little 80cc motorcycle around as I chased him in my Jeep. Today no one was there. No one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ah cold temps are coming! I'm so excited. In the past, before climbing, this is what I would have been doing. Now-a-days I don't get the chance to snowboard, but I still got the gear and look forward to one day picking it up again.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kimbo gets Sliced

How can I be more correct in what I previously said about Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice. The only difference was Kimbo lost to a different opponent.

Sunrise, Florida. Kimbo had prepared for a fight against Ken Shamrock who had to pull out of the main event because of a cut above his eye. Elite XC had to scramble to fill the card and did so with lightweight stand-in Seth Petruzelli. Who? Exactly. Seth was on TUF2 and has losses to no-named fighters such as Wilson Gouveia and the ultimate suck Matt Hamill.

14 seconds into the first round, YES, 14 seconds Kimbo was lying on the ground with the ref calling the fight over. Seth won with a TKO. That faster than Kimbo has ever finished anyone off.

So what did I say? He would lose to Ken. Well I guess I was wrong instead he lost to even a less known fighter. I'm happy to hear this news and would like to reinforce my prior statement that Kimbo is a junk fighter with no technique and no ground game. He needs to go back to the internet beating on fat guys. He is terrible. I hope this is the end of the road for this goon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Hot!

If your a guy, do yourself a favor and watch the episode of Kenny vs. Spenny entitled "The first one to get a boner loses". The link is on the right. I'm not going to ruin the plot but a super hot girl is in it. Bianca Gross is her name. Good luck finding any photos of her I had to take screen shots of the video to show you how hot she is. She comes in scene around 6:00 minute mark.