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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roll Cage- Windshield frame (vertical) support, roof spreaders fab & install

Day 3. Time to finish the fab and fitting the windshield frame supports. The vertical pieces that look like an upside-down V. Wayne had these tacked in before I arrived. He used 1" tubing.

He also finished adding tubing to the roof of the cage. Especially behind the B pillar.

All these roof supports and spreaders were simply tacked in for now. The cage was dropped, through strategically drilled holes in the floor, to allow a 360 degree weld around the tubing. In the next picture you can see the cage was dropped in the front and without a windshield installed, the access for welding was decent. It could have been a lot worse.

After the welds cooled and the cage was still dropped through the holes, we sprayed the top of the cage, that will be hidden from sight,with black paint. The actual color of the cage will be hammered silver but for now I just wanted to get some paint on the bare metal that will soon be tucked up too high for me to paint it later. After the cage is complete and sitting where it should be I will mask off the roof and paint around the tubing [with hammered silver].