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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fuel Line, Filter, and Fittings

Because I took the intake out in cleaned it up I decided not to use the factory fuel line and fittings. It just didn't look right. Actually I didn't even consider it. So I ordered some annodized fittings and stainless fuel line. I also picked up a matching filter that will sit on the inside of the frame rail. Eventually I will remove the submerged pump and relocate it on the frame rail as well.

Stock EFI fitting going to the fuel pump. I'm going to have a good time getting this one off.

Once I get that one off I'll replace it with one like this from Russell. This picture is of the fuel rail. So from end to end including the fuel filter, I'll need 4 hose ends and 2 push on EFI fittings.

The filer from Edelbrock. Looks good. It's about 5" long. It will fit well on the inside of the frame rail.

The intake has been installed as well as the fuel rail and new 19lb. injectors. I ran 3/8" stainless braided line to the rail.