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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dashboard- Top cover

This was by far the hardest piece to make. It had to be shaped to accomodate the roll of the top part of the dash, cut to accommodate the "A" tubing in the windshield part of the cage and tabbed down to the same holes that already existed for the wind deflector/ windshield.

With that said, Wayne did an AMAZING job! Made with 22 gauge sheet metal, the main part of the dash "hood" has a 2.5" sun visor built into it. He tucked the seam behind the face of the dash.

Great view of the sun visor to keep the sun off the gauges and LCD monitor.

Getting ready to trim it down.

Tabbed for the existing holes I drilled for the wind deflector/removable windshield.
Bolted on.

Great shot on how the "hood" and the "face" of the dash seam together. It's pretty much invisible.

The side pieces of the "hood". These are not removable, they are welded in. Not in this picture though. This completes the look of the top of the dash from end to end.

The sun visor end caps. These will be welded in. Sweet!!

The welded in side pieces of the top of the dash.