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Friday, June 15, 2012

Roll Cage- Seat bars & B pillar complete

Today Wayne focused mainly on getting the B pillar complete and getting the seats completely mounted. As well as welding 95% of the cage. This involves quite a bit when dealing with an interior cage. I couldn't tell you how many times he has had to lift this thing off its bolts, boost it in the air as much as he can, in order to get a complete weld. Then after welding in one area the cage would draw and not want to go back down on the bolts. I can count at least 4 times where I've helped lift the cage. I think it's gonna need it done a couple more times too. One more for the welds tomorrow and then again when I paint the sucker.

Today as I arrived Wayne had already finished putting the seats down permanently. As I mentioned before we switched the passenger and driver seat. Wayne measured my driver's seat with me in it, made to order. The passenger seat was set off of that. Here is what the bars under the passenger seat look like.

Then he finished welding the lower B pillar bars and killed them off at the seat tubing. Everything is tied together. I was considering putting sheet metal in the spaces behind the seats but have recently decided not to.

Tomorrow we continue on with some side seat bars, for an armrest and to prevent you from sliding out. We also are putting side bars between B and C pillar.