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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roll Cage- Paint Preperation

Now that the cage is complete, I have to paint it. So the Jeep is back at my garage and I have begun to prepare it for some color. That has required going over every weld with a wire brush and removing any surface rust with 3M scuffing pad. Vacuum all the debris out and wipe everything down with mineral spirits. After that was complete I began to tape off the interior with plastic drop sheets and newspaper.

After I remove the plastic sheeting and newspaper I will either touch up with a small brush or use vinyl wrap for the areas that I could not spray. The proximity between the interior sheet metal and tubing is close to nil in some areas.

So I visited Bonds Brothers downtown today and had them mix me some light gray acrylic enamel. It's a Ford Gray color #TM-2007. I intend on spraying it on with the Preval Spray Gun Kit. It contains 6oz. glass jar that holds your paint and a 2oz. aerosol type can.

I'll be spraying it tomorrow.

Source: www.prevalspraygun.com