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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More cage tie-ins

I've been busy recently and put the Jeep on the back burner. Let's get back to business. 

Here are some more tie-ins from the cage to the interior. Remember all this is done to keep the body and cage together as one. In total I will have 12-14 pieces. The majority of them are getting dimple dyed. 

I don't know what this tool is called but I like what it does. I've used this tool a couple times now with quick and accurate results. It's like a fine tooth comb. You push it towards the object you want to duplicate and it wraps around it. Then you transfer it to your sheet metal. 

Rear tie-ins

The A pillar tie-ins.

I'm putting a sheet metal "cover" inside the spare tire. I'm going to have it airbrushed or paint it and put a vinyl logo on it. Two of the interior mood lights shine directly on this.