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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mood lights

I'm wired up for the mood lights in my Jeep. This is a bad picture but you get the idea.

Shackle relocation mounts

Ordered these off the internet. These 1/4" beauties replace the factory shackle box. It allows for more adjustments and corrects the shackle angle. Provides a smoother ride and more flex. Don't drool too much!


I posted some videos to my youtube account.
One of which I thought I lost...forever! Thanks Ben.


Copy and paste.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cats are 4 wheel drive

Cats are 4 wheel drive. Dogs are 2. Well not all dogs. But all cats are 4 wheel drive.

Have you ever seen a cat turn the corner on the kitchen floor? They slide as all four paws paddle forward. A perfect drift nailing the apex of the turn. It's something to see. Slight understeer, but that's to be expected with 4 wheel drive.

Dogs are 2 wheel drive. To be specific rear wheel drive. Take a Scottish Terrier for instance, the same kitchen floor. As he approaches the turn his front legs merely steer his body around the turn as his rear legs struggle to gain traction, massive oversteer. Thus he ends up sliding into the side of the cabinet, butt first. It's something to see.
This may not be true with all dogs. A Greyhound is four wheel drive. The way that animal achieves 45 mph in 1 second on a dirt track proves that. 2nd fastest land animal.

Hyenas are front wheel drive. God made that animal front heavy. It lives on its front legs, shoulder hunched over. The rear legs are simply along for the ride.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Battery Box

Mounted the dual battery box. (6) 5/16" grade 8 bolts with crazy thick washers on the bottom to prevent it from pulling through.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm wired!

Yes, it's finally true I'm wired for 220. So I guess the welder is next. I'm learning to wire weld so that's what I'm buying. I need a bottle and a mask too.

Thanks Josh and Craig!!

More cowl progress

I couldn't get the mesh I wanted to use here so I stamped it with a dimple. So now it matches the hood. Regardless, all parts are now ready for paint. So that's next.

More interior paint

I'm painting from the back forward. This is not the final coat. There will be bed liner sprayed down. This is just to get things cleaned up and prevent raw steel part from rusting.

In addition all wires that go back to the brake lights have been concealed in the frame rail and under the backseat plate. That alone took 5 hours. Well worth it but something very easily overlooked.

More backseat plate (aka Future tool box)

Here I installed a 1" square tube to level out the 3/16" plate for the base of the toolbox. Nutserts to boot, until my new gun took the day off. I have one left to do.

Welded on some tabs for further insurance.

Paint it. The other part is the finished air intake support.

Friday, September 4, 2009

JJ and Angie Unite

This Saturday at 7pm JJ and Angie are getting married. They have been together longer than I can remember. There something to be said about that. JJ has always been a really good friend of mine. We climb together and offroad together. I've always said if we only lived closer I get the feeling I'd see him 4 nights a week.
Angie has always been the most cheerful, warm, receptive person I've met in the south. I can remember the cold winter days JJ and I would be out at HP and there was Angie, huddled up in a warm jacket, experiencing it all with him. Plus she gives a great hug! Which I don't seem to get alot of these days.

I wish them the best!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More sheet metal work

These two pieces are for the rear openings.

Backseat Plate

3/16" steel, pretty strong stuff. I intend on using this as the bottom of a toolbox. Build from this upward. Anyway, I haven't even began to mount this yet.

La Sportiva Mantra Adam Henry Edition

See the new Mantras? I scored a pair the other day down at First Ave. Limited edition. 1 of 1. So I guess your out of luck...

I expect to "crank" so much harder now!

Thanks Adam.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Air Intake

Wayne welded me up a new air intake tube instead or using the bent one. It looks so much better. Thanks Wayne!

More sheet metal

I'm making templates for the rear cavities so that I may cover them in sheet metal. I'm going to use the nutserts again to keep it looking clean. 1/4 bolts and washers better than screws. So here are the 2 rear cavities.