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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dashboard- Face sheet metal

The face of the dash contains four gauges (volts, oil pressure, transmission temp, water temperature), 7" LCD monitor, custom switch panel, OEM head light switch and (2) 12v cigarette lighters. It is approximately 48" wide and 11.5" tall. We used 22 gauge sheet metal and cut everything out on the mill.

The sheet metal follows the lines of the tubing behind it but allows the tubing to be slightly exposed as to see the color of the tubing after it's painted.

Wayne clamping the face to the dash to mark the tab holes.

The lowest part of the face has a 90* bend in it so that it tucks underneath the center console piece, that way the two are joined together and you can't can see through the seam.

Wayne Howze drilling out the area behind the LCD monitor to allow the wiring to run through the dash.

7" LCD monitor will be on top of the custom 10 switch panel. The gauges will be split, two on each side.

"Oh Sh*t" handle. Made from 3/4" hrew tubing.

I'm going to paint this the sale color as the rest of the tubing (light gray) and wrap it in black leather.

The housing for the Accele 7" LCD monitor on top. The custom 10 switch panel from www.12voltunlimited.com on bottom

The custom 10 switch panel from 12volt Unlimited. Chris did an amazing job on this! All waterproof switches, indicator lights and it's backlit in red.

The back of the switch panel. All soldered connections, triple sealed switches.