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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manual Brakes-Brakes Pedal Spherical Bearing Install

This should be the last step in completing the manual brake system. In order to emulate the Wilwood braking system I bought a 3/8" ID spherical bearing to install in the pedal. This will help alleviate binding of the all-thread as it passes through the pedal and attaches to the master cylinder clevises.

The top of the pedal is the location of the bearing. You can see here it is just the all-thread with two threaded collars.

Trey milling out the new location. Giving it that extra attention. Normally he doesn't even look at what he's doing.

The hole had to be milled off center rather than drilled due to a rivet located just above the hole.

Tapping the set screws holes. The are used to prevent the bearing from over-rotating. If that occurs the MC's will not compress straight in and deflect energy elsewhere.

Paint and ready for install. I had the opportunity to try these out right away. I would have to say I finally feel like I have consistent brake pedal now. Something I can cross off the list.