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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More cage tie-ins

I've been busy recently and put the Jeep on the back burner. Let's get back to business. 

Here are some more tie-ins from the cage to the interior. Remember all this is done to keep the body and cage together as one. In total I will have 12-14 pieces. The majority of them are getting dimple dyed. 

I don't know what this tool is called but I like what it does. I've used this tool a couple times now with quick and accurate results. It's like a fine tooth comb. You push it towards the object you want to duplicate and it wraps around it. Then you transfer it to your sheet metal. 

Rear tie-ins

The A pillar tie-ins.

I'm putting a sheet metal "cover" inside the spare tire. I'm going to have it airbrushed or paint it and put a vinyl logo on it. Two of the interior mood lights shine directly on this.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roll Cage- Tie-in Supports

This week I started fabbing up some pieces that will help tie in the cage to the body so that the two move together as one. The first two pieces I started with are the ones that flank the windshield. I cut down some cardboard for templates and transferred that to sheet metal. Then I took that to the shear to cut it down.

Then I drilled some pilot holes with a 1/8" bit and layed out the dimple dyes in the pattern that I liked.

Then I took it to the ban saw to trim it down.

Then after setting the dyes in place, I knew which size holes needed drilled in each specific location. I took it over to the mill and drilled them all out,

After each hole was drilled I ran them through the press with the dimple dyes. I used 1/2", 1", and 1 1/2" dyes.

This is the "final" product. I still need to graind it down a bit to get a perfect fit. Then I'll stitch weld them in place and paint them.

I will need to repeat this process a few more times around the interior of the cage. Ac ouple for the roof and some coming up the B pillar.

Dashboard- Mockup and design

I spent a couple hours mocking up a dash design. I went a bit overboard with the cardboard and masking tape, but in order for me to get a full visual, this is the route I chose. I've drove it around the neighborhood a couple times to see how it would feel. Everything feels like it's in the place it should be in.

Dash features:

  • 9" Monitor

  • (2) 4-5" water resistant speakers

  • (12) ARB style switches

  • (10) Indicator lights

  • (2) Cup holders

  • (2) Elbow pads

  • (4) Autometer Sport Comp 2" gauges

  • Ipod peripheral and power cord

  • RA Designs Products Raill II or Baja II shifter

  • Cherokee OEM center console box and lid

  • Sheet metal will feature a 2" sun visor and rolled bead

    • I intend on tearing this mockup out and starting on the real thing within the next week or two.

      Longacre 17" Mirror Kit

      I installed this the other day. Fantastic setup! Here are the specs from their website

      • Mirror Style: Panoramic
      • Size: 17" x 3"
      • Housing: Black aluminum / ABS plastic
      • Brackets Material: CNC machined billet aluminum
      • Finish: Black anodized
      • Adjustment Range: 1/2" - 2 1/2"
      • Fits roll bars: 1 3/4" diameter


      • Fantastic fit- No vibration- No slip
      • Amazing panoramic view. At least 130*
      • Sturdy billet aluminum brackets


      • In this case, one may hit their head on the mirror if you get in w/o paying attention.


      Roll Cage- Painting Complete- Seats, etc. install

      Sorry I've been away for the past 2 weeks. I locked myself out of my blog. I just now found out how to break into it.

      Since I've been away I completed the paint on my cage and installed the seats and belts and a few other bits.