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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paint Night

The day has arrived. Tonight we begun spraying paint on all the parts that have been built/ modified. Last night we spent 5 hours on prep work. Keying up with red scotch-brite pads, wiping down with prep cleaner, taping up the hood, and hanging plastic to make the ghetto paintbooth.

Tonight we started by hanging all the parts and giving them a final wipe down. Then Josh layed down a first coat of etching primer on all the bare metal parts. Followed up by a second after about 15 minutes.

Then we began to spray the final color of satin/ flat black. While it's wet it gives a glossy appearance but over the course of drying it flattens up quite a bit.

Hanging all the parts.

First coat of etching primer.

First coat of black on the air intake tube.

The dimple dye holes on the cowl.

The front grill and headlight bezels.

Beginning the hood.

To be continued..