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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PCV/CCV breather

After I removed the stock PCV & CCV hoses that recirculated oil and its vapors through my intake, I replaced it with valve cover breathers from Moroso. Unfortunately these fill up with oil from blowback and that restricts the breathing of the motor. So I decided to pick up an Allstar catch can/breather. It's main feature is it allows the can to fill up with fluid but it's breather is at the top so it doesn't restrict the air flow.

I picked up these PCV elbows at Napa for cheap. I'm sure the dealership wanted $20ea. I used the new wire clamp system instead of a hose clamp. Looks way better.

I fabbed up a cradle to hold the breather from being flat. This way the fluid stays at the bottom and the breather stays dry. There are baffles inside the can to prevent the fluid from splashing around.

It barely fits inside the cowl. I had to put 90 degree fittings on the can, otherwise it wouldn't have fit. I'm still a little concerned with all the off camber stuff I do that fluid will still finds its way to saturating the breather and starve the motor of air. I will have to check it regularly.