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Friday, May 21, 2010

LED brake/tail lights

I haven't got the right side to work yet. I think I have to use a trailer connector.

Fuel Access

This was needed because we filled the hole on the JCR Offroad quarter panel. So Keith grabbed a neck out of his yard and Wayne did the rest of the work. I plan on wrapping the hoses with a dress up kit.

Start with removing fuel access door.

Remove tunnel.

Remove stock hoses and filler neck.

Aluminum mounting plate.

Goo'ed up to prevent leaking.

Clean install.

Using original tunnel.

I'll need to change that cap.

2 REALLY good pictures!

Filling in the fuel door

Decided to fill in the fuel door while the corners were off getting coffin rails. Of course that meant that the fuel access needed to be mounted somewhere else.

(Cough Cough) Rails

Wayne @ ORC installed these this week. .120 wall 1.5" DOM.

Cleaning up the shackle brackets

Welded some more to fill the gaps.

Trimmed down the bracket because the shackle was contacting it during compression.

Grind down the welds. Smear some body putty to fills the cracks.

Paint. Clear coat on the lower half. May not keep it this way. I just thought it looked good for now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Heater Hose Bypass

I have no heater. To some of you that might be weird. Here in Alabama it doesn't get cold enough for me. So I had a hose looping around from the water pump to the thermostat housing. It looked ugly. No offense RJ. So Here is what I did to get rid of it.

JB Weld in the cavity.

Fabbed up new sensor location. 3/8" bung sunk inside the tube so the sensor has got good water flow around it.

Plugging the water pump.

Cutting off the heater hose from the theromstat housing.

Fresh paint.


New sensor location.

JCR Quarter Panel Guards

I had these delivered the other day. JCR Offroad in Michigan fabbed them up. I got to say this was an easy install. 3/16" steel, CNC cut and rolled to contour to the body. I ordered the LED lights they recommended too.

Raw steel fresh from Michigan.

Remove old brake light.

Remove old flares.

Drill holes.

Check the fit.

Wire new lights.

Fresh paint.

New LED's!