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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dashboard- Vinyl Wrap and Final Install

The dash is nearly complete. All the panels have been made and wrapped in 3M Black Carbon Fiber. All the tubing has been painted the same color as the interior cage, Ford Gray. All the gauges (Autometer Sport Comp) have been mounted, wired and plumbed. The new sending units, installed. The KILLER custom switch panel from www.12voltunlimited.com has been installed and wired. The 7" LCD monitor has been wired and works beautifully. All hardware is 1/4" black button heads. Two 12v cigarette lighters have been installed for tech devices. Thanks a bunch Dustin Stubbs for all the hard work wrapping this!

In this view the top part of the dash has yet to be installed.
3M Black Carbon Fiber Wrap

A view from through the windshield (Marguard #10) The top  part of the dash mounts with the same holes the (removable) windshield does.
Top of dash (through the Marguard #10)

 The gleam of the 3M wrap just shining in the lights.
Top of dash installed. 2.5" sunvisor

The side pieces are welded in. No tabs, no bolts.
Side dash panels

 This is the center cover for the top part of the dash. It covers the slots required to slide the dash in place. In has a bead rolled around it.
Top of dash/ center cover
 This custom sheet metal work is done on the B pillar and is to store anything from gum to firecrackers.
B pillar custom panel work/ cup holders

The template for the kick plate panels.  I'm going to revise this and send them all the way to the firewall. This will prevent anyone from seeing the mess of wires behind the dash. These still need to be made and wrapped in vinyl. 
Template of kick panel **still left to do**
 Stock OEM center console bucket and lid. The shifter is an Ox locker for my front end.
OEM center console

Fantastic picture!!