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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Compression fitting install (SS Braided line)

I put the compression fittings on my braided stainless steel oil lines tonight. I was pretty happy with the ease of installation in comparison to the ones I used on the fuel lines. These have an additional collar that provides an extra layer of confidence, and you don't have to muscle them on. You simply tighten the threads. Allow me to show you..

Unthread the female end and remove the inner collar. Leave the male end to the side for now.

Push the braided line through in the inside of the female end, threads facing out.Push the plastic tubing (inside the braided line) into the inside of the collar until it is almost flush.

Slide the female end over the collar. Thread male end and you're complete.

Clean fit.

Ready for the cooler. Which by the way I'm still looking for.