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Friday, June 15, 2012

Roll Cage- Armrest and Rear supports-Complete

Today was the last day of the cage build. On Tuesday, it still has to be brought down to the frame, but everything above that, inside the cab has been finish. When I say finished I mean at the ORC. I still have to bring it home and weld more tabs on it, build the "T" style dashboard, sheet metal it, paint it, install the gauges, redo the steering column. Other than that...it's done.

Today when I arrived Wayne had already install both armrests on the cage. These serve a couple of purposes. One, they're great for using as an armrest. Secondly, they prevent you from sliding out if you choose to ride without the doors on. They're made out of 1" x .120" wall steel tubing.

Then the last piece to fab was the support/ spreader that goes between the B & C pillar. I want to keep this level with the top of the body panels I have mounted. This way when I return soon to mount the long travel rear shocks I will have a home for them. But that's another story.