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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roll Cage- Paint & Application

Last night I finished taping EVERYTHING off. AHHHHH!! Pillars, floors, roof, firewall, hood, you get the point. I also had to keep the paper close to the roof so that it would collapse on fresh paint. I guess what I'm trying to say is I just didn't lay newspaper on top of the roll cage and start painting.

So I have tape everywhere. The paint I decided on is a version of Ford Gray #Tm-2007. It was mixed by Bonds Brothers. As stated before it is an acrylic enamel automotive grade paint. I will be applying it with the disposable Preval Sprayer. After taping, cleaning, and mixing the paint it was time to start spraying. I do not have any pics of me painting because I was the only one doing it and wasn't going to pick my camera up [with paint on my hands]. But here are a couple shots of what it looks like. I ran out of propellant, until tomorrow. The paint is laying very easily. It's making me look better than I really am. I haven't seen one run yet. The prep I did is paying dividends. No fish eyes.