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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Intake-Sandblasting & Modification

After a quarter-million miles it was time to remove the intake and clean it up. I wanted to sandblast the outside and remove the carbon and fuel deposits from the inside. So off it came.

Fuel deposits in one of the runners.

Freshly sandblasted. Now I wanted to remove the hose attachments that I wasn't using. Basically all of them that you see. I'm only using the threaded bung on the left. I thought I would just fill them with JB Weld but that didn't work. So I decided to drop it off at Pinson Truck and have Blake drill out the metal inserts and weld the holes shut. Keep in mind this is cast aluminum.

The end of the runner where the fuel is injected was pretty dirty. Not anymore.

Welded up nicely. Hard to tell they were there. I sprayed the entire intake with clear coat.

Where the top two inserts were.

Clean hardware. Original washers, new bolts.

Fuel rail blasted and painted.

Fuel rail hardware. Too clean!

I'm pretty happy with the look of this. I'm sure the results will be noticeable. One thing to remember is 19lb. injectors will be installed. Thank God for sandblasters.