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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roll Cage- B pillar, windshield bar, spreaders fab & install

Day 2 interior cage install. My day began when I arrived at ORC this morning at 9am. Once again Wayne was already hard at work, completely engrossed in the Cherokee. He started right where he left off. the B pillar. Once I opened my sugar-free Red Bull I noticed he had already installed the drivers's' side B pillar. The B pillars are about 42 1/2" tall with two bends on a single plane. He had already tacked one in and was bending the other side in the tube bender.

This is a picture of the drivers's side B pillar as it hits the top plate.

The B pillar is slightly angled toward the back. It was attempted to completely hide the tubing behind the body B pillar but the seat could not move that far forward because I can not sit that close to the dash and steering wheel. As a result the spreader bar that supports the B pillar and sits right behind the seat (the bar that will have the seat belt tabs on it) will be extremely close to the back of the seat and prevent it from reclining. It's gonna be tight in there after it's all done. A lot tighter than I thought.

On to the windshield frame bars. Top and bottom these were also made from the 1 3/4" tubing. No bends or plane changes, just straight tubing. The top one measures in at 43 1/2". The bottom one measures 46 7/8" in length. In addition to these bars there will also be that "A" looking support centered in the windshield frame. Made from 1" tubing. That will be installed tomorrow.

The dashboard framework work will stem off this lower windshield bar.

Fabbing the main support spreaders. These are about 43" in length with two slight bends to keep the bar close to the roof line.

The front spreaders. All three of these are bent to the same degree as the main A & C pillar, so when you view it from the side they all line up. It looks great! There will be a mirror image of this pattern on the other side of the B pillar.

Tomorrow we will be installing a spreader that the rear tire will be leaning against (as it sits in this picture). I will use that spreader for the permanent mount of the wheel but have yet to decide on the way I want to do it. So I will just rachet strap the tire to the spreader and move on. The angle of the tire is important so that I can somewhat see over it. But it can't lean too far forward because there needs to be room for the rear shocks to come through the floor (in the future). These long travel shocks will flank the batteries and tab off the C pillar somewhere.