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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Axle Break

Josh came over and we took every door off my Jeep. All 4 passenger doors and the rear hatch. We took it out for to shake it down on the local powerline trails. We were moving. This thing doesn't make a noise. So we went over to the double ledges and hit them every possible way, in 3 wheel drive. (Not that I had to) We went left, we went right, we went right up the middle. No problems. So we turned around and came down them. Still no problems. Then I decided to try and go up the backwards. I thought we had it then I heard "Crack". My left front inner axle decided to break behind the ears. It twisted before snapping according to the carnage. So I checked it out and Keith at ORC told me that I didn't have Warn 4340 Chromoly inners. I had Yukon 1541. Hmm. It appears that Yukon has a 4340 D44 inner but I didn't get it. So now they are going to refund me money for the 1541's and I'm upgrading to Yukon's 4340 which should be 70% stronger than stock 30 spline.