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Monday, October 18, 2010

Front Door Panels-Install

We installed the door skins the other day. We used 1" stock to mount the skin to the door frame. To my amazement, when you open the door it doesn't rub in the front. I thought it would.

I think the side of a Cherokee looks like a sword with all the body lines progressively increasing. Damn shame the factory hides all those lines with trim.

A good view if the framing if the door skin. I wanted to keep this raw looking. In case I need to replace a panel it would be relatively easy. Of course the frame will be upholstered in black vinyl on bottom and a zipper window on top. As for opening the door, you will actually reach behind the A pillar to open the handle.

The black handle can be used to open the door after it's unlatched, but it doesn't operate the latch. Purely cosmetic.