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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stripe King Sticker Pack

I got duplicates off all these stickers. The other ones will go on the sun visor and wind deflector, which are finished being repainted. If you don't know what #187d means, you better ask somebody. lol. Actually I'll tell you, "Murdered" as in murdered out for all the flat black going on.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Congrats to Ben for an amazing day at HP40 yesterday!

-It's a Natural (2nd try)
-Great White (1st try)
-Grab Me (2nd try)
-Millipede (1st try)
-The Flow (1st try)
-Popeye (1st try)
-B.S. (1st try)
-Trick or Treat (1st try)
-Slow Hand (1st try)
-Spandex Ballet (1st try)
-Soopa Coola (1st try)
-Fell off the top of Squeeze Play.
-Fell going static on lockoff on Megatron

Along with a TON of other problems V5 or less.

Temps were 45 degrees and overcast! We sessioned all day. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New painted hood mounted

I know I know the cowl doesn't match the hood. Well FYI I turned all other parts in yesterday to Kevin at Bush's to match the flat on the hood.

Speed Glass (Margard 10) installed

I recently obtained a piece of .236" Margard 10 (speed glass)from Interstate Plastics in Pelham, trimmed it down to size and drilled all appropriate mounting holes. Well it's on the beast and awaiting the sticker package.

Toolboxes complete

These one-of-a-kinds beauties are mounted using 1" stock that is welded to the bottom plate. Then the toolboxes are mounted to the stock using 1/4" bolts. Piano hinged and locking mechanisms as shown. Round bar handles, not pictured.

One foggy day back in November..

As usual this time of year, Sarah and I frequently visit Horse Pens 40 to keep our open hand strength in order. This particular time no one was there and a thick fog had set in. Standing alone on top of boulder in the back area I swear I would see a Creek Indian pop out from underneath an overhang. I spent the first hour of that day photographing the park.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hood paint complete

Well it was quite a debockle with the paint. The stuff we got didn't have any hardener in it. LOL. So they gave me all new paint. I didn't feel like bothering the Sanders' anymore with occupying their basement, so I took it to Bush's Auto and Kevin painted my hood with the new stuff. Murdered it out. I'm putting the pins on today.

P.s. This post is for RJ. A dedicated follower of this blog and a good friend. Sorry for all the delays RJ, see you around.