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Monday, April 30, 2012


Well I finally brought the Jeep home from Grayrock (in my secret hiding location). It's been up there for close to two months. In preparation of the interior cage I have removed the passenger seat, rear door skins, front soft doors and skins and marguard windshield. I have degreased everything and washed the outside clean. This week I will be buying the steel tubing I will need for my interior roll cage. Keith is allowing me to store it at the ORC until he gets time for me. So I'll be doing that this week.
While I have some down time I have quite a few things I need/want to do: -Service front end bearings, fluid, etc. -Change rear diff/ fluid -Install HID headlights -Repaint interior -Repaint rear quarter panel guards -Change joints in front drive shaft -Check/replace brakes -Diagnose/fix/upgrade rear rock light -Buy front bumper -Re-install winch