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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dynamat is done

With all the help Josh gave me today the dynamat is finally pulled up. The glue this left behind is like roofing tar. So we soaked it with paint remover, covered it with a tarp and let the chemicals do their thing. Wow! The glue has a hard time sticking if there is no paint. Josh found a technique with the pressure washer that literally rolled the glue off. Go Josh! My side wasn't as good as his. Fail Dean. Anyway here is a picture of what I'd like to consider the last I will have seen of dynamat.

Now what? We gonna paint the interior with truck bed liner. It will seal it and give you some traction. Plus it's the "in" thing to do. Whatever. My final goal is to be able to wash the interior and have drain holes to deal with the water. We got plenty of drain holes...so on with the liner. I think that's next, so that I can finish wiring the thing and finally start the motor.