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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dashboard- Mockup and design

I spent a couple hours mocking up a dash design. I went a bit overboard with the cardboard and masking tape, but in order for me to get a full visual, this is the route I chose. I've drove it around the neighborhood a couple times to see how it would feel. Everything feels like it's in the place it should be in.

Dash features:

  • 9" Monitor

  • (2) 4-5" water resistant speakers

  • (12) ARB style switches

  • (10) Indicator lights

  • (2) Cup holders

  • (2) Elbow pads

  • (4) Autometer Sport Comp 2" gauges

  • Ipod peripheral and power cord

  • RA Designs Products Raill II or Baja II shifter

  • Cherokee OEM center console box and lid

  • Sheet metal will feature a 2" sun visor and rolled bead

    • I intend on tearing this mockup out and starting on the real thing within the next week or two.