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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Overhead Console- Fabrication

This is the center console I'm fabbing up. 16ga. sheet metal. 22" x 10". It's going to mount on the inside of the roof between the driver and passenger, like a typical center console. It's main purpose is to house the 4 interior lights that will be flush mounted into it. In addition, I will be putting rope mood lights on the side, better seen in the picture at the bottom.

I had to score and dot tons of lines with accuracy or else the whole thing would be crooked. The "X's" represent the cutouts. Better seen in the pictures below.
This is the top, the unvisiable side. It will be mounted toward the roof.
The grooves in which the rope lights will fit into.

Uber thanks to Keith Bailey at the Offroad Connection in Fultondale, Alabama. Not only for the use of his machines (shears, brakes, etc.) but also for helping me design and finish this. As always, he does it with a smile on his face.