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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grant Gt Steering Wheel- Installation

It was time to put this on. I got tired of looking at it on my bookshelf and even though I have no cage and no dash, I decided it was time. I borrowed the puller from Keith at ORC, brought it back to my garage and began to disassemble my steering column. I have no airbag, that was removed quite a while ago, so it really didn't involve much.

You'll need a puller, unless you just press against the back of the wheel with both knees and the wheel flies off and breaks your nose. So yeah...you'll need a puller.

Where I began. No horn, no airbag.

Remove the horn cover and you'll see where your airbag should be. We already set this off (on purpose) so you only see the frame. You also see the steering shaft nut, which needs to be removed.

Remove the steering shaft nut.

The airbag frame needs to be removed also. 2 nuts.

This is when you use the puller. Pretty easy, especially when you watch someone else do it. Thanks Josh.

After removing the wheel, you're left with the end of the steering shaft. The threads and the splines need to be cut off as to leave the larger diameter shaft so the quick disconnect collar will slide over and be welded on.

Thanks David for bringing your welder over and taking care of this for me.

He slid the collar out off the shaft a bit to create a hole he could fill with weld.

I removed the windshield wiper control arm (I no longer have wipers) and trimmed down the turn signal/high beam control arm quite a bit because it was getting in the way of the wheel, which sits a lot closer to the column housing. So close I have to move my seat forward now. I still have to put the plastic trim back on.