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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roll Cage- (Majority of) spraying complete

I finished spraying the cage today. 3 coats of the light light gray. It won't look that light for long. I went through about 18oz. of paint. A typical rattle can contains 12oz. but not all paint. I'm guessing there's 5oz. of paint in a can, at best. Which is about 4 cans to paint the cage. Now I'm not done yet. I still have to tape off/spray the top plates. I decided there was too much going on in there to try and do it all at once. So I'll tape those off and spray those Monday. I need to get more paint anyway. I'm going to do my rock rings in this color, and maybe my tie rod and drag link. Aside from that, I got somewhere today.

And the underside...

This is the passenger side C pillar frame tie in.

This is part of the passenger side B pillar tie in. 2 of the bolts go through the 2 x 2" rock rail strut (Not seen) and the other 2 go through this plate. (That is welded to the 2 x 2")