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Monday, May 23, 2011

Corbeau Seat-Repair

Recently I've noticed my driver's seat has been reclined too far. Except that it won't let me bring it forward anymore. So I came to the conclusion that the seat needed to be removed and inspected.

The lower yellow line is where the inside tubing should be. The upper line shows how bent the tubing is.

Take the seat out and apart. It's too hard to manage the whole seat on the work bench.

The green squares are the clips that need to be removed. The purple arrow shows the bent frame.

Cut the upholstery clips.

Side bolster is shredded. Which was to be expected. So I ordered a new one from Corbeau.

Damaged tubing. I will have to straighten this out and reinforce it.

The foan bolster arrives late this week. I will install and post up with pictures.