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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roll Cage- Tie-in Supports

This week I started fabbing up some pieces that will help tie in the cage to the body so that the two move together as one. The first two pieces I started with are the ones that flank the windshield. I cut down some cardboard for templates and transferred that to sheet metal. Then I took that to the shear to cut it down.

Then I drilled some pilot holes with a 1/8" bit and layed out the dimple dyes in the pattern that I liked.

Then I took it to the ban saw to trim it down.

Then after setting the dyes in place, I knew which size holes needed drilled in each specific location. I took it over to the mill and drilled them all out,

After each hole was drilled I ran them through the press with the dimple dyes. I used 1/2", 1", and 1 1/2" dyes.

This is the "final" product. I still need to graind it down a bit to get a perfect fit. Then I'll stitch weld them in place and paint them.

I will need to repeat this process a few more times around the interior of the cage. Ac ouple for the roof and some coming up the B pillar.