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Thursday, April 16, 2009

No one here gets out alive

With warmer temperatures come more seat time. Time behind the wheel. Puddles begin to dry and the trails tighten up with the new growth of the year. Spider webs cross the trails and at 45 mph it's difficult if not impossible to dodge them. Downed trees everywhere from recent wind storms. But this year it's different. I'm ready. I've found my niche', better yet it found me. Lightened up the Cherok-beast in more ways than one. So then I guess it begins now. Yeah yeah, I like rocks, flexing your arms like a T-rex. Then you chunk again and again. But RzD is what I do. So I do what I do. Search for those lines between the trees.

This weekend Josh and I are PERSONALLY invited for like the ump-teeth time to Gray ORV for a ride. Not an open ride, a private ride, but we the private-kind-of-people. Except this time we get to ride through the mine roads. Hmm. I meant this time we get to cause all kind of hell across 2800 acres of offroad racing roads. Extremely fast through trees close enough to reach in and grab you. Down hills steeper than you've ever experienced. Through creeks, rivers and on top roads sliding sideways at 50mph. Mind blowing, adrenaline pumping, hyper focusing driving. Lets hope we make it out alive.