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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jeepers and Creepers Throttle Body

I just picked this up two weeks ago. Let me start off with this..It's nice to know they're still people out there that care about their business. Jeepers and Creepers is one of them. Every time I called they answered the phone. The delivery was 2/3 days. The product looks amazing! Anodized aluminum looks great.

So what's the deal, why a new throttle body? The old throttle body is 62mm, necked down to 58mm about an inch from the top, before the throttle plate. The J & C version is a true 62mm throttle body, CNC'd from a block of aluminum, not bored out cast. So with my existing custom cold air intake I will capable of shoving more air into my motor. Coupled with new fuel injectors (soon to come), MSD Ignition and headers means more air, more fuel and more spark. All the same sensors are installed (provided yourself). In my case James from Jeepers & Creepers was kind enough to include a couple extra sensors. Thanks James!

So that leaves me here...I have installed the new throttle body and have had only limited time to play with it. The throttle response is definitely noticeable. Because I have my air intake inside my cab I can hear a new whistle upon throttle increase. It sounds like a turbo spooling up. Anyway, this week I will have more time to test this product and will post my results.

The installation requires you to cut part of your throttle shaft to accompany the larger throttle plate. While I had my throttle shaft removed I sand blasted it and sprayed it with clear coat.

All of your sensors plug into the new throttle body. They include the main gasket and the IAC gasket.