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Monday, February 23, 2009

1st Ave. Rocks

Check it out. It features a brief animation of how the gym will look.


Click the link to the right under "websites to see".

Horse Pens Pics

I bouldered at HP40 yesterday. It felt unreal. 20% humidity meant the slopers felt like velcro. No one was there, except "The Wizard". haha You know who you are! Never a moment goes by that I'm not psyched to be around "The Wizard". Remember what Tina said!

Anyway here are a couple pano pics of the area. Enjoy!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sneak Peak

I got a sneak peak of the layout for FA Rocks. Subject to change, but I would assume this is how things will look.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

King of the Hammers 2009

Well I won't be attending this race, our trip has been cancelled. I'm quite disappointed. Anyway here are some more pictures of local Adam Carter's race car. The race is a combination of rock crawling and desert racing over Johnson Valley, Ca. I got an opportunity to take some pics today while Adam was doing some last minute adjustments at the ORC. He leaves this Friday. Go Adam! I hope you do well!

Stix Sushi

I ate at Stix tonight. I had some take out sushi. Pictured here is the Yummy Roll. Flashed fried sushi, kinda good. I didn't eat sushi until I moved to the south. I'm a pretty picky eater. Thanks Adam for breaking down that "wall".

FA Rocks!!

Yes, the rumor has been confirmed. There will be an indoor bouldering facility located in Birmingham owned and operated by local climbers. By local climbers I don't mean some sort of co-op. I'm talking about two people, both of which will remain nameless at this point, but eventually you'll find out.

Today I had the opportunity to visit the location. GET PSYCHED! 7000 sq.ft. The rumor has it that there will be 3 free standing boulders and one top rope area. There will also be a yoga room and training room stuffed with campus boards, hit strips, and Ben Moon's training system. The floor will be padded all around the boulders. I saw a 360 degree rendition on Mac's Sketchpad of the finished product, very very cool!

Stop by the Moss Rock Bouldering Competition this weekend to get the lowdown from the actual owners!!

Anyway, I will continue to post pictures of the progress, but here is your first.

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is an older shot. Video capture. It is of myself, Jeff and Adam. Adam is looking over what will be the assumed FA of the Heart Wall Arete, namely "Game Over". I have all of this on video and will post it one day.

Well Ben got his ascent of the "choking" style traverse. Raja, pictured here, will no doubt grab the next. He is super close. Go Roger!!

Cool shot I thought looked like a painting of sorts. Look at Bens dog's eyes. Evil!!

Some Crazy Panoramic Shots

Okay so I know the quality of the pics leave alot to be desired, but the ability to stitch 8 shots together in less than 5 seconds and produce these kinda of images. Hmmmm..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Misc Pics.

Sam Gillis' Overkill Chasis

This recently took 1st Place at the World of Wheels in Birmingham. I don't know what catagory but probably the offroad. haha It has an amazing handbuilt dash from Keith Bailey and Wayne Howze at ORC. I'll post some pics of that later.

Climbing is Fun

I got sucked into a really good traverse at Shades Crest today. Jeff, Roger, Ben- we all just kinda hung out by the cave today. Well anyway, I love the moves on this thing. One really BIG rose move. After that it's pretty chill. I'm psyched to get back on this thing. Tomorrow it's gonna rain, so that sucks. But Thursday I'm going back out and Sarah said she may come too! Anyway check out Jeff's page (link to the right) and see the AMAZING pics he took today!!!

Also the rumor around the boulders is that a new gym is going to be opening up. Hmmm...possibly named FA Rocks. More news when I hear it. But I'm extremely psyched!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Climbing at HP40 tomorrow

I'm psyched to get up there, even if it will be 70 degrees HOT. I want to repeat alot and continue bouldering consistently until I pick up a rope again. So off to HP tommorrow. I think Jeff is coming, always good psych there. I'll post some pics tommorrow.

Gray Rock Carnage

We rode at Gray Rock today. Tons of carnage.
-Cliff and his new TJ-Broke output shaft on his transfer case.
-His buddies in their Cherokee-Broke trac bar mount.
-Me in my XJ-something messed up with the yoke on the front axle.

I'll post pics tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Best Team In Football PERIOD.

So the Steelers won an unprecedented 6th Super Bowl Title. Take that New England! Take that Dallas! Youngest coach to ever win as well!! I could go down the list of stats that represent the Steelers as the best team that ever played the game but I won't, you can just look them up yourself. So I'll just say this...Steelers rule the gridiron. Not your team. Sorry.