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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Roll Cage- B pillar & Seat bars

This morning as I arrived Wayne had tacked some of the bars in the cluster of tubing that will go behind the seats. Basically the B pillar down tubes are done, now he's filling it in. Initially I wanted to do a solid "X" behind the seats but came to the conclusion it would get in the way when you turn around to get in the cooler. So instead we going to do a modified "X" that doesn't cross in the middle, kind of like the roof.
The top bars are tacked in. They have two bends in each of them. What we decide to do for the lowers is a differet story.

Then he started working on the tubing that ties in the lower part of the A and B pillar. It has a single small bend it so that it sits low, near the floor. It will provide a base for the cross tubing, we are putting the seats on.

Then he moved on to the tubing that will support the seats. The first one went up and over the transmission hump. He used 1" tubing for this because it's getting tight and we are bringing the seats down 1.5" anyway.

Then he connected that tube to the lower windshield frame for further support. You'll notice the transmission shifter had to be moved because it was in the way of the tubing. It will eventually make its way to the "T" part of the dash, along with the other shifters. For now I needed to cover the hole with sheet metal.