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Monday, April 4, 2011

Master Disconnect- Refab and Finishing

So it was time to refab this. The old design was never going to work. I would never been able to grind down the welds enough to make it as smooth as I wanted it. So Keith at ORC came up with the idea of flaring it 90 degrees and off we went.

Old way. The 3" tube was butt welded to the sheet metal. It caused warpage and I would never been able to grind the welds down enough to be perfect.

New idea. I drilled a 3" hole in the sheet metal and simply slid the flared 3" tube in the hole. Then Josh spot welded it from behind as I stood behind him telling him to be careful. As you can tell by the picture, he did a perfect job! I applied body putty to smooth things out.

Final finish view from the front. The sticker is on yet, I may replace it with something corny like "Sleep,Race". Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it.

A view from the inside. Obviously I haven't wired it up yet. This shows the limited welds used to prevent metal distortion.