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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jeepers and Creepers Throttle Body- Follow Up

Well after a considerable down time with my Cherokee, I've completed all that I needed to and the beast runs again. I have so many new/repaired items I need to pay attention to, one of which is the Jeepers and Creepers 62mm Throttle Body. I installed this quite a while ago but have yet to have good results with it. Mainly due to poor sensors and other electrical demons.(MSD 6al BOX) Both of which confused the hell out of me. None-the-less everything is working fine now. The TB is producing good results. The throttle has become ever increasingly sensitive. There is a whistle of sorts, but only at a certain point. It's not bad. It's hard for me to pinpoint specific improvements because I have recently installed the Mustang 19lb. injectors as well. I would expect some of the "spunky-ness" came from those.

-Looks good. Great finish and machining.
-Slightly improves throttle response.
-People that care about their product answer the phone.

-I guess the only con would be expecting "rumored" HP gains from this product. I didn't so I wasn't let down.

All said, I believe this product is a great addition to my setup. I appreciate good craftsmanship and performance. As a result I will continue to run this throttle body.