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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oil cooler sandwich adapter

I decided against using the oil relocation setup. Mainly because it was going to take up too much space under the hood. In addition, the cooler (I unfortunately purchased) was only 3/16". This was going to pose a problem with pressure in the smaller lines, thus building heat and negating the purpose of the cooler to begin with.

I decided to purchase a sandwich adapter that has (2) 1/2"ID ports. This will allow me to direct the oil flow to and from the oil cooler right from the filter area. I also purchased (4) #8AN fittings and 10' of 1/2"ID braided stainless steel lines.

We tapped the adapter from pipe thread to standard thread and installed a Boss fitting with an O ring. I refuse to have SS lines hooked up to a pipe fitting with teflon tape. So this is the route I decided to go.

All the new gear. Now I'm looking for an oil cooler. It has to fit certain specs though. So I'm looking at some racing stuff.