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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Congrats to Ben for an amazing day at HP40 yesterday!

-It's a Natural (2nd try)
-Great White (1st try)
-Grab Me (2nd try)
-Millipede (1st try)
-The Flow (1st try)
-Popeye (1st try)
-B.S. (1st try)
-Trick or Treat (1st try)
-Slow Hand (1st try)
-Spandex Ballet (1st try)
-Soopa Coola (1st try)
-Fell off the top of Squeeze Play.
-Fell going static on lockoff on Megatron

Along with a TON of other problems V5 or less.

Temps were 45 degrees and overcast! We sessioned all day. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!