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Monday, August 11, 2008


We went riding at the tressel again. This time I brought my 35's. haha Here is a shot of me coming up Rock Garden 1. I love this picture. It's a beautiful line coming up a creek with a small ledge in the middle and at the end you have a root and large boulder that you have to split. Here is Josh and Tommy coming up the upper part of RG1. Josh probably was doing this in 2WD. Thus referring to him as 2WJ.
Good pic of me coming down to Rock Garden 1. The suspension allows me to crawl stuff so easily now.
The bottom of the Escalator. A rutted out hill with a couple of rocks at the top. We were watching others at a trail to the left, on what they call The Stairs.
The ledge in the middle of Rock Garden 1. Mess up here and you'll turn sideways and have to deal with the trees that surround you on every corner.