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Monday, August 11, 2008

Al Rodeo

The Mexican rodeo was this past sunday. We arrived at Gray Rock ORV with this sign posted. The Bulls were getting ready to be lined up. Most of them were scared as hell and didn't want to move. But with the help of some electric shockers they were more than happy to cooperate. Before the actual riding of the bulls, many horses were dancing around the ring. Swinging side to side to the beat of the music. Which by the way sounded like the same song played over and over again. This horse decided to show off by getting to his knees and then eventually sitting down.For over 4 hours all we heard was spainsh. It's kind of weird to have to use body language and voice immodulation to follow the nights event. Here the female mc begins to annouce the 7 riders that were present. Many of the riders kneeled to the ground in prayer. They carried with them pictures of Jesus that were directly in front of them during their prayers. What else would you do before jumping on a bull?
How this guy is so calm I don't know.This guy is ready to jump on a bull and ride it with no hands. The majority of riders did. One guy won $5,000 for a successful ride. The guys pulling the gate open got a free beer. The Blue Polyester Band played between the riders. Here is a picture of people literally kicking up some dust to what seemed to be the same song over and over again.

Eventually the riding turned into a concert. The Red Suited Muchachos took the stage and open the arena for all to dance. They played the night away to what seemed to be the same song over and over again.
"Come dance in the piles of bullshit and horse shit. Bring your children and your cowboy hats too."