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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Xbox 360 2 Red Rings of Death

...or so they call them. My console shut down on me today. The internal fans are so loud when I try to turn the unit back on. I have the "two" red lights problem which Xbox online support suggests it is overheating. I watched so many you tube videos on how to fix this. Some suggest wrapping the console in towels so that it overheats. Huh? Isn't it already doing that? Other say disassemble the unit and swab the heat sinks with rubbing alcohol. Well that voids my warranty, so I think I'm going to return it to be fixed although they say it will take 2-3 weeks. Xbox now claims over 30% of the 360's are destined to malfunction. Possibly due to the lower fan speeds. I know when I get mine back I'm going to modify the fans, maybe add some more. Until then I'm off to buy the Playstation 3.