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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cats are 4 wheel drive

Cats are 4 wheel drive. Dogs are 2. Well not all dogs. But all cats are 4 wheel drive.

Have you ever seen a cat turn the corner on the kitchen floor? They slide as all four paws paddle forward. A perfect drift nailing the apex of the turn. It's something to see. Slight understeer, but that's to be expected with 4 wheel drive.

Dogs are 2 wheel drive. To be specific rear wheel drive. Take a Scottish Terrier for instance, the same kitchen floor. As he approaches the turn his front legs merely steer his body around the turn as his rear legs struggle to gain traction, massive oversteer. Thus he ends up sliding into the side of the cabinet, butt first. It's something to see.
This may not be true with all dogs. A Greyhound is four wheel drive. The way that animal achieves 45 mph in 1 second on a dirt track proves that. 2nd fastest land animal.

Hyenas are front wheel drive. God made that animal front heavy. It lives on its front legs, shoulder hunched over. The rear legs are simply along for the ride.