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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kimbo Slice Internet Ownag3

I can't wait until October 4th when Kimbo fights Ken Shamrock. Not necessarily because I like Shamrock, but more importantly because I think Kimbo Slice is a joke. Lets forget about every fight youtube has with him beating on some fat idiot with no technique. Allow me to bring up the Sean Gannon fight in which Kimbo definitely lost. Sean Gannon was then offered a fight in the UFC and lost by TKO in the first round to Branden Hinkle. Who the hell is Branden Hinkle and who the hell is Sean Gannon? Nobody in the MMA world. Kimbo decisively lost to Gannon and thus lost tons of my respect for him as a MMA fighter.
So now here we are..Kimbo has 2 professional fights with Elite XC and has won both. Recently to James "The Colossus " Thompson, at which event Ken Shamrock called him out. I don't know how this fight will end. My guess is Shamrock will try and take this to the ground immediately and work some of his heel hook magic. There are definitely holes in Kimbo's ground game. We all know he can stand and punch, but what about being on his back? No one has ever seen him fight off his back!

It seems now-a-days it's cliche to call out Kimbo. Not only Shamrock but mostly notably Brett "The Grim" Rogers, who has said everything just short of calling his mother a "whore". At 6'5" 265lbs and a knockout slugger, Rogers will have to wait his turn. Jeff Monson has also had his opportunity to call out Kimbo. But that will never happen.
Dana White from the MMA giant UFC said it best. "Sean Gannon beat him in a street fight. Everyone saw what happened to Sean Gannon when he fought a guy that no one ever heard of (a decisive TKO loss to Branden Lee Hinkle in the UFC). Gannon was in the hospital for three weeks. That’s what would happen to Kimbo Slice if he fought in the UFC. He would get hurt bad – real bad.”

Until Kimbo fights a true MMA competitor he "may" continue to win. Not some 44 year old semi-retired Shamrock, not some fat ex-boxer Ray Mercer, not some clumsy dumb-ass debt collector James Thompson. But some real action. Who does Kimbo need to fight to become bonafide in the MMA world? Well he still needs to get through Antonio Silva, the Heavyweight Champion of Elite XC. That fight may no happen for another year or longer so that Elite XC can build the suspense on their biggest draw. Until then everyone needs to stop boosting his ego. He is not the best, won't be the best and in my opinion will be out of the spotlight before I get done typing th....